Friday, July 26, 2013

just the two of us

 it seems that the further along i get in this pregnancy, the more excited/anxious i am to meet our baby girl. i often think to myself that these last two months couldn't go by fast enough. while i am really excited for our baby to come, i am also really loving my time with just me and dylan. i have so much fun with him and it is just so amazing to me how i love him more with each day that passes. crazy how that works! i have a feeling i will fall even more in love with him as i watch him love and father our little girl. instead of wishing away these last two months, i am going to try and fully enjoy this time i have with my sweetie-just the two of us.  

"oh, i've loved you from the start, in every single way and more each passing day." 
-mindy gledhill 

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  1. it is a sacred trust for a man to have that kind of devotion from a woman. xox