Friday, March 1, 2013

forever is in my heart and in my blood

yesterday my mom posted  pictures on instagram of my dear grandparents in their younger years. she titled it, "i come from a long line of love...when the time's get hard, we don't give up." these are the lines from one of my all time favorite songs that was in alison's wedding video. the song is titled "long line of love" by michael martin murphey. definitely worth looking up, it is very sweet. 

after my mom posted this little collage of pictures i had to listen to this song over and over throughout my day and it really got me thinking about love. i thought about what an amazing blessing it is to have parents who are still in love and are best friends. how lucky am i to have such an example. i thought about all of my sweet siblings and their spouses and what amazing examples they all are to me. i thought about my grandparents on both sides of the family and how they had tough times and went through so much together, but they stuck it out. 

on the 18th i will have been married for three months. this time has been so wonderful but has also been filled with small challenges along the way. my testimony of the importance of marriage and families is definitely growing as i am learning so much about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. i am also learning so much about dylan. marriage really teaches you to put someone else's needs above your own and i believe that in families we learn what it is like to love as Christ loves. unconditionally. through true love we experience joy unlike anything else found on this earth. 

i am eleven weeks pregnant today!


  1. It is so amazing to see all of this joy. I am humbled by the great blessings that the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought into our lives. Thank you Elizabeth for putting together such a thoughtful piece. xox