Wednesday, March 20, 2013

city by the bay

when i was about 11 years old i traveled to san francisco with my parents, laurel, dave and joe over spring break/easter. i look back on that trip with great fondness. i immediately fell in love with this city and have always wanted to go back since then. i loved riding the trolley, and thought the homes were picturesque the way they were all lined up- tall and skinny. i loved walking around town on the hilly streets. but the thing i loved most about san francisco was how charming it is. you really get that "big city" feel in more of a quaint way. a thought occurred to me today: maybe if i am lucky enough, dylan will do his residency in san fran? a girl can dream!

me in san francisco sitting in the gihradelli square cafe. can't you just see the contentment on my face? :)

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