Sunday, March 25, 2012

a colorful weekend.

i had a fabulous weekend.
went to the color festival with my best girlfriends...

sarah was in the mosh pit..made it all worth it.
sarah is the pickiest eater i know..sierra made sure the sandwich she made for her was up to par.

stripes, pearls and floral..can't go wrong there.
felt so lucky to spend some time with great friends, ali, carla, sarah and sierra. we had a sleepover in Provo at Ali's place and watched the Titanic until about 4 am. so good to all be together again.
i weasled in to the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games with my fun friends, Jon, Ben, Mike and Stu. It was great to hang out with these guys again..some of them I hadn't seen since they had been home from their missions. Lots of fun, some things never change. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I haven't read any of the books yet, but I am definitely more motivated to after seeing the movie. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun.

city creek opened here in salt lake on Thursday. i was fortunate enough to attend the gala with my cousins, a charity event hosted on the Wednesday night before the opening. we got to be the first to see the mall (first shoppers in sephora at that mall, I'm honored!) eat some yummy snacks, and were given a card with $20 to spend at any store in the mall. All of this was for $50. well worth the money! it was a fun memory with my cute cousins, audree and annie. it was Adoree's birthday and such a fun way to celebrate.
i am in love with the new mall. i have already been to it twice and think that it is such a great addition to salt lake city. i foresee some wonderful memories to come. i got a new job at banana republic at city creek! so, i will definitely be spending more time at the new mall and I'm really excited! i have always wanted to work retail. I have loved shopping ever since i can remember and I'm excited to try out this new job and see how i like it. i also feel very blessed because since the church paid to have city creek built, and it is on church property, none of the stores will be open on Sunday's. nowhere else in the world can you find a retail job at a major store like banana republic and not have to worry about working on Sunday's. i am one lucky girl!

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  1. Congratulations on the new job! You have the best style out of anyone I know and are perfect to work at Banana Republic! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!