Monday, January 2, 2012

here's to another blessed year

there are so many people to love in my life.

i have loved 2011. i look back and can't even believe all that i have been blessed with this year and always. i have had some pretty amazing experiences with family and have loved making new friends. i have learned a lot this year. i'm going to share a snipet from my journal:

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
My heart is so full. I am so blessed and so grateful that the Lord humbles us and gives us chances to become something great. I look forward to this new year with much anticipation. I have hopes and dreams of a better version of myself. I look back on 2010 and am not that impressed with my progression. I have much room to grow, and I am excited.

i still have a lot to keep working on, and that is okay.

but overall, it has been a wonderful year.

2012, i am ready for you.

(sorry for so many pictures. i don't know how to stop and there were so many more that i wanted to add)


  1. wow, what an amazing year you have had. you have grown in some very significant ways this year and it has been my privilege to to watch you.

    never ever can i get enough photos!

    2012...BRING IT ON! xox

  2. It's funny how you say you don't see much happens subtly, I guess. You are amazing to me, Liz. I have learned so much from you this year, and look up to your great example. From sticking to math, to taking such beautiful photos, hopping up to make a turkey sandwich for your brother (and other subtle types of service) - I think you are pretty neat, Liz. Here's to another great year! Love you and I always love ALL the pictures!

  3. Lizzie, did I know that I love you dearly? I miss your blog posts because I miss seeing and hearing about your life. With that said, I feel so blessed that you included me in your year! You are a great example to me and I can't wait to keep seeing your progression. Hopefully we really will hang out soon and I can join you in that :) Hehe. I love you!