Sunday, October 16, 2011

how sweet it is

no, they aren't engaged (yet :). One of my best friends, sarah asked if i would take some pictures of her and her man, mike. i was happy to oblige. taking pictures of them seriously made me so happy. so happy to see my friend glowing. so happy to see young love. so happy to spend time with them and see how great they are together. sarah is someone that has always been there for me and she has gone through so much in her young life. i love to see her shine. i'm so grateful for good friends. i'm also grateful for hobbies that make life so lovely.

i love love.


  1. these tuned out great sis! love how you captured their playful, relaxed side. love that these aren't super posed. great work . . . you have a great eye and compose well. perfect for the title of your blog! loved the visit yesterday ... so fun to catch up!

  2. These make me giddy! Haha they are so adorable!