Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my life is a constant struggle when it comes to...

This has been a lifelong struggle for my educational career. I know that this semester I will accomplish my goal of passing my math class. I need to. There is simply no other option. AND..I am not going to complain and tell the whole world about how much I hate it. I've decided that I need to be grateful for this opportunity I have been given to learn, stretch myself and become better at something I am definitely lacking in. I was reading in the Book of Mormon about Laman and Lemuel and all of their griping, and it helped me to realize that sometimes I like to be like them. It is so amazing that the scriptures can apply to us in all areas of our math. I know that the Lord will help me make this huge weakness a little bit more of a strength, as long as I put forth the effort that it takes. So...cross your fingers for me and maybe say a little prayer!

(sorry for the use of the 'D' just captures my feelings too perfectly :)


  1. You are so awesome Liz. I hope I can be just like you when I grow up!!!