Monday, July 18, 2011

beautiful days

today as i rode home from school on trax, i was listening to some classical music by vivaldi. i love how some music really speaks to the soul. my spirit was joyous as i was listening and i really felt like i was feasting off of vivaldi. heavenly father has provided us with so many ways of filling our lives with light and love. i know that music is one of the great ways He speaks to the soul and touches lives. today i am grateful for the beautiful things of this earth...but even more so, i'm grateful for the countless, beautiful people that add to the grandeur. i am grateful for talents shared, testimonies born, smiles offered, helping hands rendered, laughter evoked and the simple and yet profound impact each life has.

we are blessed.


  1. Lizzie, I use a Canon T1i that I've had for a year now. I've always been a designer/artist, and just started doing paid photography in the past 8 months! I love all the possibilities! Thanks for stopping by