Sunday, June 5, 2011

not a fun post

day #10
a list of your bad habits.

1. i hold onto things that i don't need or rarely use.
2. i sometimes eat just because it's a routine and i don't stop to think if i'm seriously hungry.
3. i have wasted SO MUCH time on facebook throughout the years.
4. sometimes i judge people.
5. sometimes i think i'm better than others when i'm really not.
6. i'm not good at trying something new in fear that i'll embarass myself, i tend to be content with what i already know and am good at. (waterskiing, basketball, new board/card games,etc.)
7. i sweat a lot. (guess i can't help that one?)

the list goes on, but i'm just going to start right there.
some of these were painful to write down, but i decided i'd be honest with myself and with you.

what are your bad habits? please share!

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  1. You find the best photos to answer these questions. I am loving this challenge of yours, you are fun!