Saturday, June 18, 2011


ONE of my favorite childhood memories.
sunday's at farmington.
i think of...
-everytime i smell mosquito repellant i think of farmington
-begging for sleepovers
-princess tree
-white, hosed down chairs
-blankets spread out for us to lay on
-only going in the house if you really had to go to the bathroom
-being held "hostage" by the boy cousins
-getting into fights
-riding scooters and bikes down the driveway
-rolling down the hill
-trying to muster up the courage to climb the treehouse. alone.
-grandpa's strong arms helping me down-always feeling safe with him.
-sidewalk chalk
-hearing the crickets
-getting into mischief
-the flag pole in the back, seeing anson climb it.
-playing games like, faries, house, teenagers
-watching the sun go down
-jenny pulling my hair out..i think she just really loved me THAT much.
-riding on grandpa's shoulders while he was holding two other kids on a bike..never feeling worried.
-riding a motorcycle with anson. hearing him laugh as i screamed and clutched tighter when we went down a steep hill. vowed never to do that again.
-running through the sprinklers in our play clothes.
-grandma wore white a lot
-giving the final hug goodbye when it was time to go..always sad.
-always enjoyed the drive out and back.

those days were sweet.
full of love and laughter.
they will never be the same.

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  1. i remember those lovely summer days spent on that shady space...just being together. xox