Sunday, May 29, 2011


day #3-someone you would switch lives with for a day and why it would definitely be this girl. i know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but she has been a big part of my life the past few years as i have been able to relate to some of her songs or just dance around to them with friends. i would love to see what it's like to be her on stage singing seeing all of these people obsess over you, or what it's like when she is just spending time with those she loves or writing songs. she is a class act if you ask me. i once had a dream that she came over to my house and we just instantly became best friends and took funny pictures together and i couldn't wait to post them on facebook and have everyone be soo jealous of me.

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  1. K I really was planning on doing this on my blog! Taylor Swift is a good choice. :) Darling!