Thursday, December 2, 2010

rhythm of love

these photos don't really relate to this post...they are just pictures from last winter. its fun to look back.

my blog is titled, "rhythm of love" today because that just happens to be my favorite song right about now. this is a blog dedicated to a few favorites. since i am not quite as wealthy as oprah, i cannot share these things with everyone..but mind as well make a fun list!

-pepermint hot cocoa
-a cozy bed
-good examples all around me
-"baby its cold outside" {probably one of the cheesiest christmas it.)
-new mascara! "the falsies"
-salad (feta cheese, tomato, bacon bits, sesame seed dressing...amazing)
-i am learning to love my white skin for the winter. i tell myself its hot. mind as well embrace it!
-"pride and prejudice" even better than the movie.
-still not over my FRYE boots or my red lucheses.
-patriarchal blessing
-fuzzy socks
-my "mint chocolate" candle
-christmas splendor

now i know all of these items are not "things" but i couldn't help but throw them in there.

-take more pictures
-smile more
-say "hello" to more strangers.
life is grand!


  1. Those are fabulous things. :) Love it.

  2. your things are waaaaaay better than Oprah's! :)

  3. "i tell myself its hot. mind as well embrace it!" I read this and busted a gut- you're so funny!