Wednesday, October 13, 2010

gracie bug brasher

when grace was just a little girl, i remember walking with her at carpenteria (family beach vacation) and someone stopped us and said, "what is your name?" she promptly responded, "gracie bug." i will always have a soft spot in my heart for this little girl. for some reason, it feels like i will always view her as a "little" girl, although she is growing up right before my eyes. i can hardly believe it. ever since grace was a baby, she was known as, gracie bug. last friday, dad, me, abi, carter, nate, and bug all went on a beautiful, autumn hike. poor grace was the victim. she got attacked by a bee once (which freaked out a lot of our hikers) and got stung by a bee towards the end of the hike. luckily, grace was a good sport about it, but she did vow to never go on that hike
again. gotta love family memories!
While hiking:
G: lizzie?
Me: Yes?
G: I love you.
so simple. so sweet.


  1. Those last few lines, in a nutshell, really sum Gracie Bug up. She is a sweetie. Great photos, great post!

  2. great pictures...sweet post. xox

  3. ...I bet she does go on that very same hike again!