Monday, November 16, 2009

ahhh!! CHANGE.

So, its that time of year! i have been applying for BYU provo and BYU-I over the last couple of weeks and it is seriously FREAKING ME OUT!! Time goes by sooo dang fast and its scary! before you know it...i'll have friends getting married! its crazy. i just don't feel ready to leave my home/family and be out there on my own. i know that byu would be such an amazing environment for me and i would learn so many valuable life lessons...its just so...SCARY! ah! I know that i have A LOT of growing up left to do still because i look back at the way i was sophomore year and i feel like i have changed and developed such a stronger testimony and gotten to know myself so much better. the fact that i do know that i have a lot of growing up and changing to do excites me so much though. it feels good to progress in this life and keep becoming the best possible version of yourself. it makes life worth living and that is the reason we are here. right? so here i am, applying and getting nervous! it excites me to think about what is awaiting me down the road from now...i would love to see myself a few years from now. i am seriously SO blessed its ridiculous. i am going to name off a few things i feel grateful for today that are just on my mind.

- a healthy body.

-i am surrounded by so many wonderful friends that have the same desires as i to be worthy and make good choices. they uplift me and make me want to be my absolute BEST.


-my home where love is spoken.


life is great.

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  1. I know it is way scary! I feel the same way! You are such a cutie! I am grateful for YOU!