Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I LOVE . . . the temple.
This morning before school my good friend Jessie and I went to the temple before school. This is something we did a lot last year and it was so amazing. It was so great to go there and just feel complete peace of mind. It is pure relaxation for me to be there. School started last week and I have just been exhausted and kind of dragging ever since, but going to the temple was a complete renewal. No joke. It made my whole day so great and I was in the best mood. It made me so much more spiritually minded and aware. I wanted to love everyone and serve my Savior so much more. Thats the whole point of this life. Right? So I am going to keep going more. Weekly. If possible? I love it. I am also grateful for such sweet friends that enjoy it as much as I do. That is a blessing.
Life is good.

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